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university of glasgow




Norsign Group Ltd have provided consultancy, design, manufacture and installation of internal and external signage for various buildings across the University of Glasgow over the past 15 years. We are proud to have worked closely with the University directly and more recently with Main Contractor Multiplex and Hassell Architects in developing and fitting these totem signs.

external wayfinding

As wayfinding specialists, we surveyed the site and advised on sign locations and content, working closely with the university design department, to get maps correct therefore creating clear and concise directional signage to guide members of the public, students and staff throughout the campus.

Our team has worked with Multiplex on numerous buildings within this development with some truly bespoke pieces being manufactured and installed. Our design team worked diligently to produce specification compliant scaled samples for the external totems so the client could be certain this signage was functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

University of glasgow map panel on external totem

safety first

As Consultants on this project, we supported the Multiplex and the architect in the design and fixing details required for these totems as well as providing reports on the structural calculations to ensure the safety and accuracy of fitting the totem and fingerpost signs.

As Health & Safety is at the forefront of all we do our Project Manager, along with our Installation Manager, carried out a detailed survey of all sign locations before we began manufacture. During our survey we reviewed the surfaces at each sign location and performed CAT Scans to locate buried cables and metal pipes accurately prior to excavation for installation of the totems.

University of Glasgow Wayfinding Fingerpost sign

finding the way

The finished totems are strategically placed on the streets around the campus to guide students and visitors around the many buildings.

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