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national galleries of scotland



In 2023 Norsign Group Ltd were awarded the contract for the production of the Wayfinding and External Signage, at National Galleries Scotland, to produce artwork, supply samples, manufacture and install all signage at the National, the Royal Scottish Academy Building, Modern One, Modern Two and Portrait. These works also included the deinstallation and responsible disposal of existing signage.


Our Project Manager, Installation Manager and Lead Estimator carried out comprehensive site surveys to ensure confident planning of our programme of works, access equipment and any closures required in order to cause minimal disruption to the visitor experience during our installation works.

The purpose of these surveys were to provide a full report, including but not limited to, suitability of sign locations, content testing, identifying where pull tests and permits may be required and propose suitable fixing methods for each sign. This information was reported to the Galleries Contract Team for review and also used by our fitters for reference, along with artwork and marked up floor plans, during installation.

National Galleries of Scotland Wayfinding Signage

design & concept testing

Norsign’s Design Manager provided National Galleries Scotland with scaled artwork, based on the wayfinding strategy and design created by DNCO, which was fully compliant with the specification for review and approval, ready for print and production prior to manufacture commencing.

We also supplied full scale paper samples complete with sign content for location and content testing on site before we began production. Our team liaised with the National Galleries Contract Team by walking round each site, placing the samples in situ to review each sign location, confirm the content and approve each sign for manufacture.

National Galleries of Scotland Wayfinding Signage

collaborative working

The success of this project, and the beautifully bespoke signage, was made possible by the collaboration between the National Galleries of Scotland, DNCO’s wayfinding expertise and our team.

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