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blackheath halls



Blackheath Halls is a 600 seat performance venue offering a diverse range of events throughout the year in the surrounds of a Grade II listed building. It claims to be London’s oldest surviving purpose-built cultural venue.


Norsign Group Ltd manufactured and installed this totem which stands over 6 metres high from ground level at Blackheath Halls in London.

Our design team worked closely with the Architect to create this bespoke eye-catching sign and advised on the best use of materials, finish and illumination on this large freestanding structure.

This totem has a distinctive and modern design which really stands out day and night thanks to the illumination incorporated into it’s construction, which makes it’s an ideal sign solution for this busy Venue.

Design by Walkerbushe Architects

Blackheath Halls Built Up Illuminated text in Totem Frame at Dusk


Due to the totems location, situated next to a busy pedestrian walkway and road, we put measures in place to protect the public, in line with current Health & Safety regulations, such as clear warning signs and erecting barriers to prevent foot traffic around the sign position whilst ensuring minimal disruption.

Prior to our fitting team’s arrival on site, we supplied a root cage to be set into a concrete foundation at the sign location. Once this was set in place our installation team attended site to receive the totem, delivered by HIAB, and bolted the freestanding sign securely in place. Our experienced sign fitters have extensive knowledge and training on installation techniques of this sign type ensuring the totems stability and security during and after install.

Blackheath Halls illuminated totem sign at dusk

building marker

This large totem serves its purpose perfectly by identifying Blackheath Halls from the roadside and at distance.

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