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donor wall


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The Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre, the ARC, is the home to over 500 researchers from a range of disciplines, facilitating world changing collaborative research within the University of Glasgow.

The ARC brings world leading researchers together, breaking down organisational silos and facilitating collaboration. The £116.55m flagship research building is located at the heart of the University’s west end campus.

donor recognition

We collaboratively worked with Multiplex and the University of Glasgow team on producing the specification and design for this special donor wall to fit the aesthetic and the practicality of the brief.

One of the challenges with donor wall signage is keeping it up to date. As new donations come in, the signage needs to be updated. The bespoke design for this particular donor wall can be updated with ease, simply by removing and adding a new block on the vertical posts held within the frame.

University of Glasgow ARC Building Donor Wall. Engraved oak and engraved aluminium coloured tiles

design concept

As Consultants on this project, Norsign’s in-house design team worked meticulously on the design elements producing a variety of design options to be presented to the client for review. We determined the best use of materials, aided in creating an authentic design, and provided full scale working samples of the donor panels, materials and poles for testing on site.

We produced numerous samples of the donor tiles in a variety of materials, showing a range of engraving options, and had to determine which material would be the most suitable to manufacture the array of colours required for the second side of the blocks. The double sided blocks were fitted to poles within a framed unit, so the blocks could be turned and read front and back, then fitted within the wall recess to create this amazing display.

University of Glasgow ARC Building Donor Wall Engraved oak panels with purple aluminium plates on one side


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