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project management

Did you know Norsign Group Ltd can project manage your entire sign package from concept to completion?

Project management for a sign package is the process of planning, executing, and controlling the design, fabrication, and installation of signs for a specific project. It involves coordinating with various teams, such as clients, designers, manufacturers, installers, and authorities. This is to ensure that the sign package meets the project requirements, budget, and schedule. Some of the tasks involved in project management for a sign package include the following.

Defining the scope and objectives of the sign package.

Developing a programme of works and a project schedule.

Estimating the costs and resources needed for the sign package.

Obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for the project.

Managing the quality and risks of the sign package.

Communicating and reporting the progress and status of the sign package.

Assessing and reporting on Health & Safety aspects involved on site and during installation.

Closing and delivering the sign package.

sign package

Project management for a sign package requires a combination of technical, creative, and organizational skills. It also requires the use of various tools and software, graphic design, project management, and sign fabrication equipment.

Our Project Management Team have a comprehensive methodology which informs our clients of our delivery of the artwork, sampling, manufacture, supply and installation of the internal and exterior sign packages across the United Kingdom. Our Project Manager oversees each Contract collaboratively with the clients team to expertly deliver our scope of works. This includes delivery of artwork, to agreed specification, production of signs, installation of signage and provision of a full set of O&Ms upon completion.

Norsign’s comprehensive Health & Safety Policies underpin all aspects of our contract delivery. We  are accredited by a number of contracting authorities which require high standards of Health and Safety compliance including CHAS Elite, Constructionline Gold and SafeContractor.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our 10 step process for completing a project in greater detail. Contact us to discuss a project where you could benefit from our Project Managers extensive knowledge and experience.


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