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signs in healthcare

Signage is very important in hospitals and other healthcare settings because it can help create a stress-free, organised environment for both patients and staff. Good wayfinding signage provides clear directions, easily communicates information and helps make a positive experience for patients and visitors.

Norsign Group Ltd have extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of signage within the NHS and Private Healthcare Sector. As consultants we can advise you on suitable sign types and how they fit into your Healthcare Environment.

why signage in healthcare is so important

Signs play a crucial role in NHS buildings and healthcare facilities for several reasons:

Navigation and Direction: They help patients, visitors, and staff navigate complex buildings and find their way to different departments, wards, and facilities.

Safety and Compliance: Signs provide essential information necessary in emergencies, such as fire exits and assembly points. They also ensure that the facility is compliant with health and safety regulations.

Information and Education: Healthcare signs can inform and educate about hygiene practices, hospital rules, and services available.

Stress Reduction: Well-designed signage strategies can reduce stress by making the environment more accessible and easier to understand, which is particularly important in healthcare settings where people may already be anxious.

Comfort: It can focus on the youngest patients by using fun, colourful graphics and signage to make children feel more at ease and comfortable.

Efficient Care Delivery: Effective signposting ensures patients receive appropriate care by directing them to the correct point of care, optimizing healthcare resources, and enhancing the patient experience.

These elements contribute to creating a welcoming, calming environment that facilitates healing and supports the efficient operation of healthcare services. Proper signage is an integral part of the design and operation of healthcare facilities.

implementation of signage in healthcare

Implementing effective hospital signage comes with several challenges. This is where our team of qualified consultants are on hand to guide you through your project.

Complex Environments: Hospitals are often large, complex buildings with many departments and services. Ensuring that signage is clear and comprehensive in such environments can be difficult.

Dynamic Changes: Hospitals frequently undergo renovations, expansions, and rebranding, which can necessitate frequent updates to signage to avoid confusion.

Diverse User Needs: Patients and visitors have varying levels of cognitive and physical abilities, language proficiency, and cultural backgrounds, all of which must be considered in signage design.

Information Overload: Creating a balance between providing enough information and avoiding clutter or confusion is challenging. Too much information can be as problematic as too little.

Standardization: Consistency in signage across different parts of the hospital is essential for effective wayfinding, but achieving this standardization can be difficult.

Inclusivity: Signage must be inclusive, taking into account non-native speakers and those with visual impairments or other disabilities.

Technology Integration: With the rise of digital signage, integrating new technologies with existing systems and ensuring they are user-friendly is a significant challenge.

Addressing these challenges requires careful planning, design, and updates to ensure that hospital signage meets the needs of all users. Signage contributes to a positive healthcare experience.


Norsign Group Ltd have decades of experience in the production and installation of wayfinding signage in healthcare environments. We work alongside Estates Managers, Architects and Main Contractors on various NHS Projects throughout the UK.

Our team can provide you with cost effective signage, working with you to create a plan from an initial concept. Our team will aid in the design and scheduling of your wayfinding system. As consultants we will advise you on relevant sign types and how they fit in a Healthcare Environment.

Contact our consultants on or 01698 713399 to discuss the signage for your healthcare facility.


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