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arrows in wayfinding

Wayfinding signage is the term used for signs that help people navigate and orient themselves in a physical space. Arrows are one of the most common and important elements of wayfinding signage. They indicate the direction and distance to a destination or point of interest.

best practice

There are some general principles and best practices for designing and using arrows on wayfinding signage, such as:

Use arrows that are simple, clear, and consistent throughout the signage system. Avoid using complex or decorative icons that may confuse or distract the user.

Utilize arrows that are proportional and balanced with the text and icons on the sign. They should not be too large or too small. It should not dominate or obscure the other information on the sign.

The arrows are aligned and oriented with the text and icons on the sign. They should point in the same direction as the text and icons, and it should be placed on the same side as the destination or point of interest. For example, if the sign is pointing to the left, the arrow should be on the left side of the sign, followed by the icon and the text.

Use arrows that are visible and legible from a distance and from different angles. They should contrast well with the background colour of the sign, and it should not be obscured by other elements or environmental factors. This should also be large enough and clear enough to be seen and understood from various viewpoints and lighting conditions.

The arrow should point in the exact direction and angle of the destination or point of interest, and it should not lead the user to a dead end, a wrong turn, or a misleading path. This should also be updated or replaced if the destination or point of interest changes or moves.

what to avoid

When using arrows on directional signage we should avoid the following:

  • Arrows with the same dimensions all round.
  • Arrows with double angles.
  • Avoid giving misleading information – e.g. a fire exit sign pointing both left and right

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